Boozy Bourbon Peaches and Raspberries

Hi, parents. You should probably skip this recipe. K thanks.

The scene: A classy(ish) Fourth of July barbecue.

The problem: A lack of grain-free summer desserts to console me while others stuff their faces with angel food cakes and berry pie.

The heroine: Me. And also bourbon.

But let’s backtrack a little. I’ll be honest, folks. I’ve been suffering from a bit of bread-envy lately. My boyfriend and I decided to make hot dogs a few weekends ago, and for some idiot reason I took his buns out of the package for him. (That is not a euphemism.) REAL BREAD IS SO SOFT AND SQUISHY, YOU GUYS. (Also not a euphemism.) So when the time came to find the perfect gluten-free Fourth of July dessert, I was feeling a little melancholic. Additionally, all grains and flours have been rather unkind to my stomach lately, so I didn’t want to just make a pie with gluten-free crust. Instead, I wanted pure, unadulterated gluten-free dessert-y-ness, preferably the kind that is also filled with booze so that I’d feel less sad about everyone else’s glutenous treats.

My recipe search led me to bourbon peaches. However, most recipes recommended cooking off the alcohol. I take issue with wasting the waste-making powers of a good bourbon. Therefore, I ignored the recipes, decided to add some raspberries, and holy bourbon Batman, I think we can now call me a genius.

Behold, the splendor of my dessert!

[I keep forgetting to take pictures of my foods. I just like eating them too much, I guess. Sorry dudes.]

Boozy Bourbon Peaches and Raspberries

Inspired by Martha Stewart, mostly. I don’t remember the other recipes I referenced. Probably ’cause of the booze.

Serves 6-8

6 ripe, medium sized peaches – peeled and diced
1 package (5-6 oz) raspberries
1 cup-ish of good bourbon (or not that good – I used Jack Daniels. ‘Cause it was there.)
1-2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
Vanilla ice cream (optional)

1. Combine all of these wonderful things. Allow to marinate for 2-3 hours. Or possibly 2-3 days when you have leftovers. And you will. Because they are that strong. And they keep getting stronger.
2. If serving with ice cream, warm the peaches and raspberries in the microwave. Or don’t. Everyone will be too drunk to notice, anyway.

Cautionary Tale: Don’t eat more than 1/4 cup of this at a time. Like seriously. Face-planting might ensue.

Cautionary Tale Part 2: I hear tell of people who react to liquors made from distilled gluten-grains. I personally do not react to them, thank goodness, but if you’re uncertain, you should probably test your tummy’s tolerance before making this recipe.

Have a happy, drunk-face dessert day!


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